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Hand Wash - $30

    Service Includes:
  • Soft glove handwashing
  • Chamois dried by hand
  • Wheels, wheel wells, and tires scrubbed
  • White walls scrubbed
  • Interior and exterior glass polished
    (including mirrors and instrument cluster)
  • Vacuum rugs, mats and seat crevices
  • Door jams cleaned and dried
  • Dash, console, door panels and seats dusted
  • Premium tire shine applied

Exterior Detail - $110

    Includes Hand Wash Service Plus:
  • Compounding of painted services to remove minor scratches and blemishes
  • Polishing of painted surfaces to fill any remaining feather scratches and enhance shine. Special ebony polish for dark colored cars
  • Wheels waxed to help prevent brake dust corrosion
  • All exterior rubber and vinyl treated with silicone dressing
  • Floor mats spot cleaned
Ask about our rain guarantee with this service.

Express Wax - $45

    All Previously Listed Services Plus:
  • Liquid wax applied and removed by hand
    ...this wax provides a brilliant shine and will extend the life of a previously completed paste wax or detail

Full Detail - $175

  • Combination shampoo and exterior detail services
Ask about our rain guarantee with this service.

Carnauba Paste Wax - $85

    All Previously Listed Services Plus:
  • An application of premium combination paste wax
    (applied and removed by hand)
  • Tar and bug removal from grille and rocker panels prior to waxing
  • Floor mats spot cleaned
Intended for a superior wet-look shine and lasting protection

Royal Treatment Detail - $200

    All Services Included in the Full Detail Plus:
  • For extended paint protection a polymer and teflon reinforced paint sealant is applied prior to waxing
  • Engine compartment detailing, including hinge degreasing and rubber dressing
  • Vaporteck odor elimination system
    (see below for details)
Ask about our rain guarantee with this service.

Shampoo Detail - $90

    Includes Hand Wash Service Plus:
  • Door jams and trunk jams are cleaned and degreased
  • Vacuuming and shampooing of all rugs, mats and upholstery
  • Leather cleaned with a mild water based cleaner followed by conditioning/moisturizing with a natural oil-based lotion to prevent against cracking and fading
  • Crevice clean dash console vents and door panels
  • All vinyl is cleaned and then treated with an interior dressing that offers a natural luster and dries tact-free
Fragrance applied upon request.

Odor Elimination Vaportek - $25

    Service Includes:
  • Restore that clean pleasant smell to your car
  • Safely and effectively eliminates troublesome odors including smoke, mildew pet and food odors... even odors in your AC system
  • Uses Technology borrowed from fire cleaning and building restoration equipment
This can be added to any service. For problem odors this service should be combined with the shampoo service.

Additional Services

  • Windshield Washer Fluid - $5.00
  • Gift Certificates Available


We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Appointments recommended for Full Detail and Royal Treatment Detail services.

Surcharge on vans and trucks

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